About Me

Here are a few things about me...

David Vizena


After working in the Chemical and Fuels field for 10 years I decided to pivot my career path in a different direction. After attending The University of Texas's Coding Bootamp I opened my own buisiness, Vantage Media LLC, and began to take on clients it multiple ways. Having the ability to code both freelance projects, as well as being affiliated with WiX.com, has allowed me to learn new skills, as well as flex mental muscles I already had. I have a HUGE passion for design as well as a drive to continually learn. This allows me to excel, because I can adjust my knowledge base of languages to precisely what is needed to complete the task at hand. The ability to learn and understand new coding languages quickly assists me with keeping on the cutting edge of the newest and best technologies available. I enjoy learning and finding better, more efficent ways to execute tasks. The feeling you get when you write a piece of code and it fires perfectly is amazing. It's like solving a complicated puzzle where the end result is you get to look at what you've built and show it to the world. To me, coding is a perfect blend of art and engineering.


Front End Developer/Graphic Designer

Helios allows you to find your location using Google's API, and cross matches it with both Lyft & Uber. You are presented with all avaliable rides at that current time, and allowed to pick the cheapest/most convenient ride for your needs.

Money Tree

Front End Developer/Brand Manager

Money tree is a personal finance app with a gamification basis to keep the user interacting and wanting to stay on top of the financial goals. We use Plaid API to pull in your banks financial records automatically so you don't have to manually input them. You have an avatar that reacts based on your current financial standpoint. If you're doing well to meet your needs, the avatar is happy.......However if you're not doing well he gets very angry at you. It's best to keep Sasquatch happy!


Front End Developer/Graphic Designer

Have you ever wanted to hang out with your friends, but didn't know where the best place to meet up for all parties involved is? Helios is your answer. We take the current locations of everyone in your "Huddle" and give you your choice of places to meet that are equidistant for your entire party!